Stonetree Climbing Team

The Stonetree Climbing Team, a non profit entity 501c3, is a youth climbing team (ages 6-18) dedicated to helping children and young adults develop enthusiasm for climbing. We work hard to make sure our athletes have the self-confidence and strength to tackle challenges on the wall and in life.  Our winter session is January 8- February 28 and the spring session is March 5-May 2. Please note there will not be climbing practice during Spring Break March 25-29 and team members cannot be dropped off that week unless they are over 12 due to staffing. We have also added and Intro to Climbing Class for ages 4 and up on Saturday mornings from 9-10:30 and tuition is $200. The Winter Team Session is $225 and it includes:

  • a membership to the gym (and climbing team members can be dropped off FOR A MAXIMUM OF 2 HOURS {for ages 6 and up} if they understand and can follow the rules of the gym)

  • attending our after school program on Monday (for ages 6 and up)

  • a Stonetree Team T Shirt


Registration and Team Descriptions

Stonetree Climbing Team offers several pathways for climbers of all levels and abilities. Please look over the descriptions below and contact one of our coaches with any questions. The final decisions of placement for athletes on their respective team will be determined by the coaches. We work hard to make sure our climbers are placed on the most appropriate team for their ability level and team cohesiveness.  

Team Mission

The Climbing Team at Stonetree Climbing Center is an opportunity for area youth to develop skills, passion, and enthusiasm for rock climbing. Our team is dedicated to building community while improving individual climbing ability, which includes physical, mental, and social/emotional skills.


We expect climbers to respect themselves, each other, and the space. Climbers should arrive on time ready to participate, to give their best effort, and encourage their teammates. Climbers will follow the rules of the gym and practice safe falling and spotting. Climbers are expected to be engaging in productive activities while in the gym, regardless of time. Team athletes are also always expected to be courteous and positive members of the climbing community both inside and outside of practice.


Climbing team members are encouraged to have their own climbing shoes or wear rental shoes during climbing team practices and competitions. Please contact the coaches with questions regarding shoes.

Climbers should come prepared for practice with comfortable clothing and water bottles.

Team Schedule

  • NEW Intro to Climbing (Ages 4 and up)

    Saturday, 9-10:30

  • After School drop in: Monday, 2:30-5

  • Team 1 (beginner)

    Tuesday/Thursday, 4-5

  • Team 2 (intermediate)

    Tuesday/Thursday, 5-6:30

  • Comp Team: TBD

Team Descriptions

After School Program: Monday, 2:30-5 pm

This is where most climbers start; it’s designed for kids who have never climbed or been on a climbing team. Skills and concepts learned: basics of climbing and safety in the gym; auto belay; how to follow a route and work to climb a V0; warm up routines; demonstrate comfort on the wall and an interest in learning more about climbing.  Drop in rate for climbers who are not on the team is $10 or purchase a student punch card...10 visits for $90.  Punches may be shared and this card does not expire. 

Intro to Climbing: Saturday, 9-10:30 am

If you have climbers that are too young for the beginner team, ages 4 and up, this is the group for you! For 1 1/2 hours on Saturday morning with the gym closed to the public, our staff will engage these young climbers with fun and games. This is a great way to build some basic skills and be ready for the Beginner Team when they are too young for the other teams.

Team 1: Tuesday/Thursday 4-5 pm

To be on Team 1, a climber should be familiar with climbing at Stonetree Climbing Center, either through one session of the After School Program, or because they’ve climbed on our beginner team. Climbers should demonstrate comfort with heights and bouldering; be able to follow routes and understand basic climbing concepts; practice safe climbing; follow basic warm up routines; and has an attitude that says they want to learn more about climbing and being part of a team.

Team 2: Tuesday/Thursday 5-6:30 pm

To be on Team 2, a climber should have climbed at least one season on the beginner team and demonstrate all Team 1 skills. A benchmark level for Team 2 is the ability to climb V3. Climbers should show an interest in climbing as a sport and improving their own skills; show problem solving skills and their application to climbing, i.e., can apply different climbing strategies and techniques to bouldering problems; climbers are expected to support and learn from their teammates; climbers’ attitudes show developing maturity towards climbing and being part of a team; be able to warm up independently and be ready when practice starts. Climbers on this team are strongly encouraged to participate in climbing competitions.

Competition Team and Competitions

While all climbers from both teams are encouraged to participate in competitions, climbers on Team 2 are welcome to join the Competition Team. This team’s primary focus is on improving specific and competition oriented skills. Expectations for Competition Team Climbers include attending 1 extra practice per week, practicing on their own once per week and and attending locals competition. Please discuss possible placement on this team prior to signing up. Meeting day, time, and tuition for this team are still TBD.

USA Climbing Membership

Climbers wishing to compete in USA Climbing Championship Level Competitions (Regional, Divisional, National) must have an active USAC membership prior to their first competition.  The cost is $95 for the entire season (September 1st – August 31st). This includes the bouldering and sport climbing seasons.

And new for the 2018-2019 season, USA Climbing will be moving away from the Day-Membership ($10) and incorporating the Introductory Membership ($20) in its place. 

The new Introductory Membership will be applicable for all local competitions (Youth and Collegiate) in addition to National Cup Series competitions. The Introductory Membership can be used at multiple local events. You do not need to purchase a new Introductory Membership for each local event as you did with Day-Memberships. The Introductory Membership is also good for both climbing seasons (Bouldering and Sport & Speed). Not to be confused with the Competitor Membership, the Introductory Membership is not applicable for championship level competitions (Regional, Divisional, and National). If your competitor is planning on competing at any USA Climbing championship level competition, our recommendation is to purchase the Competitor Membership ($95) at the beginning of the climbing season and prior to your competitors first competition.

If a competitor purchases an Introductory Membership ($20) and then later decides to upgrade their membership to the Competitor Membership ($95), the fees paid for the Introductory Membership may not be credited toward the Competitor Membership.  

For more information about USA Climbing or to purchase a membership, visit

Travel and Transportation

Climbers and their families are responsible for travel and accommodations for competitions. Families are encouraged to coordinate and carpool.

Additional Fees

o    USA Climbing Competition Membership ($95) OR Introductory Membership ($20)

o    Local Comp Entry Fees (approximately $55/comp)

o    Travel expenses

o    Regional Championship entry Fee ($90-$100)